Sunday, August 23, 2020

Domain Knowledge for Testers - Banking Domain Knowledge | ECommerce Domain Knowledge | Telecom Domain Knowledge | ERP Domain Knowledge

This blog post relates to domain specific knowledge videos in the Banking, ECommerce, Telecom, ERP and Automotive industry domains. Business domain knowledge is important to be productive as a software tester. What is domain knowledge meaning? Domain knowledge in software testing is knowledge of the concepts, vocabulary and terms used in a particular industry or domain.

Banking Domain Knowledge for Testers | Bank domain knowledge video : This Banking Domain Knowledge or Business Domain Knowledge in the Banking Domain video covers What is Bank, what is Spread, Banking Channels (e.g. ATM banking, internet banking, mobile banking, phone banking, relationship manager banking and DSA banking), Retail Banking products such as Savings bank account, Recurring deposit account, Fixed deposit account, Certificate of deposit, Term deposit, IRA, Credit card, Debit card, ATM card, Mortgage, Mutual fund, Personal loan, Cheque, NEFT and RTGS, and domain knowledge for software testers including Business Banking or Corporate Banking products such as Current account, Overdraft (Revolving Credit), Business loan, Term loan and Cash management) and Investment Banking (raising capital, mergers and acquisitions and trading securities).

ECommerce Domain Knowledge | E commerce domain knowledge for Testers video : The video is on domain specific knowledge in E-Commerce industry. There are both physical and digital ecommerce products and e commerce services. Ecommerce marketing uses email, online advertisements, social media and price comparison websites that use affiliate marketing. ECommerce domain knowledge includes knowledge about B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer) and C2C (consumer to consumer) e commerce. Also, ECommerce business knowledge includes knowledge of retail ECommerce, online auctions and Ecommerce market places.

Telecom Domain Knowledge for Testers | Telecom Domain Basics video : This video is on telecom domain knowledge or business domain knowledge in telecom. Telecom  is short for telecommunication. The video covers telecom domain basics like 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G telecom standards with GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE and NR. Also OSS meaning Operations Support Systems and BSS meaning Business Support Systems. This telecom domain training may be useful to build domain knowledge for testers.
OSS TeleCom | What is Oss in Telecom | oss full form in telecom video : This OSS telecom tutorial explains the OSS computer systems that are used in the telecom industry domain. An OSS is used by the telecom provider to manage customer orders and telecom network operations. OSS functions include network inventory (physical and logical), provisioning and activation, assurance of service quality to the customer - preventive service assurance and corrective service assurance, fault management process and customer care with metrics.
BSS TeleCom | What is Bss in Telecom | bss telecom full form - Domain Knowledge (oss bss telecom) video : This BSS telecom tutorial explains the BSS computer systems that are used in the telecom industry domain. Bss in telecommunication domain has important functions or processes used by the telecom provider or telco.  These are product management, new order management, revenue management and customer management. Note that OSS BSS telco communicate with each other.
ERP | Erp System | ERP software - Domain Knowledge for Testers video : This video is on ERP domain Knowledge. It covers what is ERP and the benefits of ERP,  Erp system integration and ERP software examples like Tally ERP 9 software,  SAP ERP system (SAP ERP modules and ECC SAP) and Dynamics Nav. This video may be useful to build domain knowledge for software testers.
Automotive Industry | Automotive Part - Automotive Domain Knowledge video : Automotive industry deals with wheeled automobiles like cars and goods vehicles. An automotive part is a component of an automobile. This video on automotive domain knowledge covers the automotive industry a.k.a. the auto sector, auto part categories and automotive terminology.


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