Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Free Software Testing Tutorials

Several people who are starting out in software testing have inquired about software testing tutorials. Here is the complete list of free software testing tutorials that you can use to train yourself in the concepts of software testing. The link is:

You should view these software testing training videos in the following order:
  1. What is software testing? Why test software?
  2. Waterfall SDLC and V Model in testing
  3. Requirements analysis
  4. Software test strategy
  5. Agile test strategy and Agile test plan
  6. Test cases
  7. Writing test cases effectively
  8. Test data
  9. System testing
  10. Regression testing
  11. Requirements Traceability Matrix
  12. Testing reports
  13. Bug reporting
  14. Test status report
  15. Software tester roles and responsibilities
  16. Equivalence Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis
  17. Decision Table Testing
  18. Use Case Testing
  19. State Transition Testing
  20. How to design Test Ideas quickly
  21. How to get Domain Knowledge
  22. How to Test Software without Requirements
  23. Top tips to get software testing jobs
  24. Building software testing skills
  25. How to become Software Testing Expert
  26. Test Estimation with formula example and Questions and Answers
  27. Test Lead Interview Questions And Answers
  28. How to Identify Risks?
  29. Risk Management in Software Projects
  30. Severity and Priority in Software Testing
  31. Defect Density
  32. Cause and Effect Analysis
  33. Cyber Security Basic Terms and Concepts
  34. Introduction to Software Architecture
  35. Memory Leak explained
  36. Race Condition in Software
  37. Off-by-one Errors
Hope that you find these software testing tutorials useful :)

Next, learn from the free Test Automation Tutorials.

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