Saturday, August 23, 2014

Demo web application

Demo web application - Journey Planner

This is a simple web application. You should enter the total distance to travel, the average travel speed and the time to travel every 24 hours. Then click on the Calculate Travel Days button.
- If any data entered by you is invalid, you will get an error message in red color.
- If the data you entered is valid, you will get the number of travel days rounded off to 4 decimal places and in black color.
- If you click the Reset Values button, you will empty the distance to travel and average travel speed values and reset the time to travel every 24 hours to 1 hour.
Note: This web app needs a HTML5 and JavaScript-enabled browser in order to display and function correctly.

Enter the distance to travel (max. 10 digits with decimals):         mile(s)

Enter the average travel speed (max. 10 digits with decimals):  mile(s)/ hour

Select the time to travel every 24 hours: