Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bug report: How to write an effective bug report?

View the above video or read on. Each one of us in the software testing field has seen many bug reports. Bug reports are written in a vast variety of styles. Sometimes, we happen to see the bug reports created by experts and inspire ourselves by doing so. However, a test engineer may create a bug report in any manner as seen fit. If so, can one be sure that the bug report is best suited to the circumstances? Will the bug report do the job well? In this article, I wish to make my reader aware of various aspects of a bug report. I have attempted to integrate many methods used by experts. This will enable you, my reader, to create bug reports that are best suited to the conditions at hand. The next time you have to write a bug report, you will have many tips to choose. Alternately, you may implement certain parts of some tips to create a custom strategy that suits the purpose.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A very warm welcome to this blog!In order to get things going, please note that in the month of January 2009, I wrote an article about security testing. This article focuses on the SQL injection technique. Please provide your inputs for this article.