Sunday, December 20, 2020

SelectorsHub Introduction | SelectorsHub tutorial for CSS selectors and XPath locators

This post introduces SelectorsHub, which is a free tool to find correct CSS selectors and XPath locators automatically. CSS selectors and XPath locators can be tough to write for beginners in test automation, like those learning Selenium WebDriver automated testing, or take time to write for experienced web developers and test automators. SelectorsHub automatically suggests complete selectors like CSS selectors, XPath and other web element locators. View SelectorsHub demonstration to find CSS selector like CSS Id and Css Class Selector or read on.

View SelectorsHub demonstration on how to find XPath in Chrome Browser and how to find XPath in Firefox. SelectorsHub is also available for Edge and Opera browsers.

SelectorsHub may help you improve XPath and CSS selectors writing skills. It offers choices of selectors and locators with the number of occurrences of each. SelectorsHub works with shadow DOM and svg element. It also gives the error message if case of any mistake in your written selector. SelectorsHub's user interface may be customized, if you want. View the demonstration of SelectorsHub features and benefits.

For details, check out What is SelectorsHub. You may also contact Sanjay Kumar, the inventor of SelectorsHub. Thank you.