Monday, September 14, 2015

HP LoadRunner Version 12.02 Tutorials

LoadRunner Introduction tutorial: This video introduces HP LoadRunner and the loadrunner performance testing process. It also explains how to download and install LoadRunner.

LoadRunner business process and sample web application tutorial: First, we gather the requirements. This includes identification of the business processes to be tested. In this video, we understand what a business process is and see a sample business process. Then execute that business process in the sample web application provided with LoadRunner. This application is the HP Web Tours application. In performance testing, when we run the business process, we should choose the most common or at least realistic test data. Our requirement gathering should include finding this test data.

LoadRunner VuGen Vuser script tutorial: In this video, I have explained how to create the automated performance testing script in LoadRunner Virtual User Generator (VuGen). In VuGen, we can create a single protocol script and record the business process. We can edit the generated Vuser script to enhance it. VuGen user interface has several useful features like Solution Explorer, Step Navigator, Editor, Output pane, Errors pane, Bookmarks pane and Thumbnail Explorer.