Thursday, September 4, 2014

VBScript Tutorial - Free

Learn VBScript quickly by using these video tutorials. VBScript is a powerful scripting language developed by Microsoft. Click on the links below to start learning.
VBScript Introduction - tutorial 1: This video introduces VBScript, which is simple and fun to use. It explains variables. It also shows how to write and run a simple script.

VBScript Sub and Function Procedures - tutorial 2: This video explains VBScript procedures, their advantages (save scripting time and testing time) and how to write them. It describes both sub procedures and function procedures.

VBScript If Then statement - tutorial 3: This video explains VBScript conditional statements. Conditional statements control the flow in the script. They contain a condition that can be true or false. If the condition is true, one set of statements is run. If the condition is false, another set of statements is executed.

VBScript Select Case Statement, string functions - tutorial 4: This video explains VBScript conditional statement called the Select Case statement. This Select Case statement finds out the value of an expression at the start of the statement. Different VBScripts statements are run depending on the value of this expression. This is implemented in Case statements within the Select Case statement. If the expression value is not given in any Case statement, the Case Else block is executed. It also explains the many useful functions in VBScript that we can use to manipulate strings.

VBScript For Next statements - tutorial 5: This video explains VBScript looping statements, For Next statement and For Each Next statement. The For Next statement runs a block of code repeatedly depending on the initial and final value of a variable and the step. The For Each Next statement runs a block of code once for each item in a collection or an array.

VBScript Do Loop and While Wend statements. Working with HTML, Excel file - tutorial 6: This video explains VBScript looping statements, While Wend statement and Do Loop statement. These statements are useful when we do not know the number of times a block of code is to be executed. They execute the block of code while the given condition is true. This video also explains how to create HTML (hypertext markup language) file or a web page and Excel file using VBScript.

VBScript Arrays - tutorial 7: This video explains the array variable. An array can be used to store multiple data values. An array can have a fixed size or be dynamic. It is possible to go through each element of the array in order of their index. It is possible to sort an array in a logical order.

VBScript Working with Databases and SQL - tutorial 8: This video explains how to work with databases using VBScript. ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) are COM objects available in VBScript. We can work with the connection and recordset ADO objects. The recordset object is useful when the VBScript needs a copy of the data result set from the database. It is also possible to execute commands directly on the connection object. This video demonstrates VBScript that connects to a Microsoft SQL Server Express dummy database. This script fetches data from the database table, adds a new record, updates an existing record and deletes the added dummy record.

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