Sunday, July 12, 2020

Selenium Python Tutorial 10 | Selenium python Screenshot | selenium python screenshot_as_png

This is the next tutorial in the Selenium Python Tutorials for Beginners. This Selenium Python beginner tutorial explains Selenium Python screenshot or Selenium Python snapshot, meaning the image of the screen in a specific state. We may need to take a Selenium Python screenshot on failure of test case for bug reporting or on success for proof of testing. First, view the Selenium Python Screenshot Tutorial. Then read on.

Here is my Selenium Python example with a Python user defined function to take a WebDriver screenshot Python automatically. Then, I will use Python Imaging Library to modify the screenshot. The explanations are in the comments within the code (lines starting with #).

# Selenium WebDriver Python coding
# This Python file,, contains the WebDriver screenshot Python functions, screenshot and modify_screenshot.
import time
from PIL import Image as I

def screenshot(d):
    """Take the Selenium Python screenshot with the current date and time"""
    # Put the folder path with your computer's folder. The following folder path is an example only.
    # Escape each backslash with another backslash.
    folder = "E:\\Training\\SeleniumPython\\Screenshots\\"
    time_string = time.asctime().replace(":", " ")
    # Take Selenium Python screenshot_as_png
    file_name = folder + time_string + ".png"
    # Save Python Selenium screenshot with Selenium WebDriver save_screenshot method.
   # Another Save Python Selenium screenshot with Selenium WebDriver method is get_screenshot_as_file (commented out).

def modify_screenshot(f):
    picture =
    # Modify the screenshot. Resize screenshot to another screen resolution.
    picture = picture.resize((1280, 654))
    # Modify the screenshot. Rotate screenshot by 90 degrees.
    picture = picture.transpose(I.ROTATE_90)
    # Modify the screenshot to save Selenium Python screenshot_as_jpg.
    picture = picture.convert("RGB")
    # Python strings are immutable. Create a new string for the filename.
    f_new = f.replace(".png", ".jpg")

Here is my Selenium Python script, that calls the Python Selenium screenshot function. Note that the screenshot user defined function calls the modify_screenshot function on it's last line.

# Selenium WebDriver Python coding
from selenium import webdriver
import Utilities as U
exec_path = r"E:\Training\SeleniumPython\Downloads\geckodriver-v0.26.0-win32\geckodriver.exe"
URL = ""

driver = webdriver.Firefox(executable_path=exec_path)
# Close the browser with the Selenium WebDriver quit method.

Want to learn how the above user defined functions work in action? Or how to implement the screenshot function in an existing Selenium Python test automation script? Then, please view my Selenium Python Screenshot Tutorial. Thank you.

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