Sunday, February 9, 2020

Tue, Feb 11 | Anatomy of a Click | Test Automation Webinar

Hello! Here is your invite to an advanced live webinar titled, "Anatomy of a Click". This webinar would be useful for professionals who perform automated web testing or are interested in web test automation. Testim's software developer, Benji Gruenbaum would go into a deep dive into what browsers do, how events work internally and why, and how Selenium and Puppeteer simulate user actions. This webinar should lead to understanding browser events better and motivation to create better test automation code.

Register now (only limited seats are available) at
Tuesday, February 11th
9 am PST/ 12 pm EST/ 5 pm UTC/ 10:30 pm IST
* If you register but cannot join the live webinar, you will still get it's recording later.

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