Wednesday, July 31, 2019

SoapUI Plugins

This is the last of my SoapUI testing tutorials. This SoapUI tutorial for beginners is on SoapUI Plugins in SoapUI tool. There is SoapUI Eclipse plugin. It gives you the SoapUI features in the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The Soap UI Eclipse plugin supports inspection, invoking, mocking, development and functional and other types of software testing of SOAP web services and REST web services over HTTP. It is useful for software testers who do SoapUI testing of web services. View my tutorial on SoapUI plugins to see SoapUI Eclipse plugin download, install and SoapUI Eclipse plug in working. Or read on...

At present, SoapUI plugin for Eclipse download can be done from the SoapUI update page. The steps to install SoapUI plugin Eclipse are :
  • In Eclipse IDE, click Help > Install New Software...
  • To do SoapUI Eclipse plugin download, in the Work with textbox, enter > click Add... button.
  • In the Add Repository dialog box, enter Name as SoapUI and click OK.
  • Check the SoapUI checkbox. Click Next. Read and accept the agreement and click Finish.
Now, you should be able to see SoapUI preferences in Windows > Preferences > SoapUI. In Eclipse IDE, click Window > Open Perspective > Other and select SoapUI. The SoapUI Navigator should appear on the left. The SoapUI log windows should appear at the bottom.

Note : If you find SoapUI eclipse plugin not working, you can uninstall it. In Eclipse IDE, click Help > About Eclipse. Click on Installation Details button. Select SoapUI. Click Uninstall button.

There are other SoapUI plug ins like SoapUI Maven plugin. Jenkins SoapUI plugin is available for SoapUI Pro. I talk about various SoapUI plugins in my SoapUI Plugins tutorial. Thank you.

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