Sunday, July 7, 2019

SoapUI workspace

Let us continue with SoapUI testing tutorials. Before you can do SoapUI automation testing, you need to create a project in SoapUI. In SoapUI tool, a project needs to exist within a workspace. Soap UI saves a workspace as an XML file on the computer. The workspace's File property value tells Soap UI tool the location of the workspace directory. View my SoapUI beginner tutorial on Soap UI workspace or read on...

Let us learn how workspace works in SoapUI. By design, you can open only one workspace at a time. SoapUI can only see the projects in your open workspace (also called current workspace or active workspace). A single soapui work space can have multiple projects in it. Figure 1 has WORKSPACE1 open and WORKSPACE2 closed. This means that SoapUI can only see Project1, Project2 and Project3. SoapUI tool cannot see Project4 or Project5. Figure 2 has the reverse situation.
Figure 1 SoapUI Workspaces
Figure 2 SoapUI Workspaces
You may want to have multiple soap ui workspaces e.g. one workspace for each system under test or one workspace for each client. SoapUI workspaces help you to organize your Soap UI automation.

SoapUI provides the following workspace commands:
  • File > New Workspace
  • File > Rename workspace
  • SoapUI change workspace : File > Switch Workspace or  File > Recent > Workspaces
Want to learn more? You can see workspaces demonstrated in SoapUI tool in my Soap UI Beginner Tutorial on SoapUI workspaces.

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