Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Software Programming and Software Testing videos

This blog has a YouTube channel now. It is called Software and Testing Training. The goal of this channel is to provide self-paced online training in Programming, Scripting, Software Testing, QA, Automation Testing with Selenium, Performance Testing and Load Testing using JMeter, LoadRunner, test automation with QTP, TestComplete, Database testing with SQL Structured Query Language, Java and other programming languages, JavaScript, VBScript and other scripting languages and other technologies like HTML, CSS and XML used in software applications and software systems.

The objective of Software and Testing Training channel is to make available software development training, testing training, qa training, software testing tutorial, automation videos, automated testing tutorial and quality assurance training with details and examples. So that the material is very clear to the viewer. The training topics range from software development and testing fundamentals to advanced programming concepts, advanced scripting, database queries, advanced test methodologies and test automation.

Software and Testing Training channel has thousands of subscribers looking for software programming and testing online training. You too can benefit from it. In order to avail the latest videos with exciting software development and software testing content, please subscribe to Software and Testing Training channel by clicking on this link.


  1. Thank you so much. Your blog is very helpful. Could you please post any material on software testing services too?

  2. There is lots of post I read about Corporate but your Post is SO Good and stuff of Knowledge Anyway Thanks for Sharing an Informative Information.

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