Sunday, October 3, 2010

How fast would you progress in your software testing career?

If you are a software testing professional and wonder about your career growth, take the short quiz below. Select just one answer, A or B, for each question. Add up the number of As and Bs in your answers.

1. What is the most rewarding effect of your software testing career?
A. Money
B. Job satisfaction

2. How do you plan your testing tasks?
A. You prefer your tasks to be planned by someone else and told to you.
B. You analyze your tasks, prioritize them and try to provide the most value in each task.

3. What is your driving thought when you test software?
A. Finish the tests that you have been assigned and go home
B. Test carefully to not miss any problem

4. What do you worry about the most before submitting a bug report?
A. That it is not an invalid or duplicate bug report
B. That it contains enough information to help identify a real problem

5. How do you handle free time (say, between projects or assignments) at work?
A. Socialize/ catch up on personal tasks/ take it easy
B. Analyze own performance and prepare to deliver increased contributions

6. Do you think about software testing in your personal time?
A. Never, what is the need?
B. Of course, it is an important part of my life

What kind of progress should you expect for yourself?
Excellent: 0 As and 6 Bs
Good: 1 or 2 As and 4 or 5 Bs
Average: 3 As and 3 Bs
Below average: 4 or more As, 2 or less Bs

Notes: 1. Money can only motivate you to a limited extent; the intrinsic job satisfaction is what drives you in your career constantly.
2. In order to contribute the most, you need to identify your most important tasks and perform them to the best of your abilities.
3. Each test that you perform is an opportunity for you to excel. Do not squander such opportunities.
4. Always focus on the positives. Instead of worrying too much about making mistakes, focus on your real responsibility.
5. You should always be planning and working towards progress in your career.
6. If software testing is a part of your personality, you cannot help thinking about it from time to time.

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