Monday, May 3, 2010

Open source test management tools

As the name indicates, test management tools are used to create and manage tests. A test management tool commonly contains features to create:
  • Requirements specification
  • Test cases (based on the requirements)
  • Test plan (usually some test cases grouped according to their priority)
  • Reports and metrics based on the test plan execution
  • Built-in defect management sytem or integration with defect management systems

If you are looking for free/ open source test management tools, here are two candidates that you should seriously consider:

1. Testopia
It is the test case management extension for the popular defect management tool, Bugzilla.

2. Testlink
It allows creation of test cases and test plans, tracking test results and generating reports. It integrates with other defect management systems like Bugzilla and Mantis.

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