Wednesday, October 2, 2013

JMeter Web Performance Testing Training Videos

You can get trained in web performance testing with JMeter by using our training videos. These high definition videos are 13 hours long altogether. They cover many aspects of performance testing - performance testing process, using JMeter effectively, setup and execution of performance tests, analysis of results and much more.

Here are the FAQs about these training videos:
Q. Why should I undergo this training?
A. Even if you know manual or automated functional testing, it may be that you are not proficient in performance testing concepts, process and test delivery. Therefore, you may face challenges in building, executing and reporting performance/ load tests. Further, if you do not have development or test automation background, you may face challenges when trying to use JMeter for more than very simple tests.

Q. I don't have any test automation knowledge. Can I learn performance testing with JMeter?
A. Yes, prior knowledge of test automation is no prerequisite. The training videos explain performance testing concepts from beginning. Then, the training videos teach how to start JMeter and how to use its console effectively. In short, these videos explain things from the beginning.

Q. Where are these training videos hosted?
A. They are private videos. They will become available to you when access is specifically provided to you.

Q. What do these training videos contain?
A. They contain the explanation of all relevant concepts and their practical applications. The concepts are then implemented and shown working in JMeter in multiple demonstrations on real web sites.

Q. What should I do if I do not understand a particular concept in any training video?
A. You should view the training video again. Then you should try the concept yourself in JMeter. You should be able to understand the concept. If not, you can ask for further explanation or clarification.

Q. How long can I take to view all the training videos?
A. It depends on your availability. Ideally, you should view all videos and practice everything therein yourself within 1 or 2 months. This is recommended because the concepts are related and you will remember everything better if you view all the videos, practice all material and complete all assignments within 1 or 2 months. You can view any training video in the set as many times as you need within one year.

Here are the comments by just few of the software testing professionals who have used these training videos to learn performance testing with JMeter:
  1. Chakravarthy   Many thanks for your help.Your videos are very nice.
  2. Christy   I am going through Jmeter. Really happy with the training so far.
  3. Debojyoti   You teaches with a lot of patience, giving some good real life examples to relate with and remember the concepts. I like your teaching style (in depth knowledge share in a gentle pace), which is very very good for every student like me. I have already enjoying the course. Thank you once again.
  4. Gautam   I am going through the videos. The lectures are pretty good.
  5. Jagdip   I enjoy your work and find it very easy to understand and apply.
  6. Joe   You have done a good job in explaining the concepts nicely.
  7. Karthikeyan   I almost covered all your jmeter training videos and materials.. it was very good and helped me to understand the jmeter concepts.
  8. Mukul   I must say that you have put in your heart while creating the video....its very easy to learn the things after watching them...Good work !!
  9. Nirav   I watched your subscription videos of Jmeter & learned a lot from your paid video tutorials in Jmeter.
  10. Rahul   I have watched the videos(only few left) and they have been very helpful to me in learning the operations of Jmeter.
  11. Rajesh   All the lessons were so clear that i am able to do them on my own and started writing some performance scripts with-in my organization.
  12. Ramesh   Honestly... I feel very lucky to be part of your student. Your support is unforgettable!!. Thanks a lot!!.
  13. Ravi   I have watched all the Jmeter videos. These videos are very helpful to me.
  14. Rohit   Thanks for the videos. your gr8 mentor.
  15. Sony   Your videos are really helpful.
  16. Srinivas   We have gone through the videos of your Jmeter tutorials it was very helpful for us to understand how it works.
  17. Staci   Inder - you do really good work. I'm looking forward to soon purchasing more videos from you.
  18. Sudhansu   Your tutorial is too good..and very easy to understand...Thanks A lot. I thank full to you from core of my Heart.
There is a small fee to view these training videos. Also, there is one month support to provide any clarifications or resolve your queries, if any, on the training material presented. Email me @ isingh 30 at g mail dot com (with no spaces) for more details for access to these JMeter web performance testing training videos.

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