Thursday, January 12, 2017

Programming Concepts Tutorials

Here are my programming concepts tutorials for beginners. These short videos are useful to understand several basic concepts needed in software development and test automation. It is good to be aware of such technical terms in order to have a better understanding of how software systems are built and how they are operated. I hope that you find these tutorials useful and interesting.

The complete playlist is here.
  1. Introduction to Software Architecture
  2. What is an SDK? (Software Development Kit)
  3. What is an API? Application Programming Interface
  4. Integrated Development Environment
  5. What is Software Framework
  6. What is an Algorithm?
  7. Memory Leak explained with example
  8. Race Condition in Software with example
  9. Off-by-one errors
  10. Cohesion and Coupling
  11. What is Software Maintenance
  12. Software Extensibility Introduction
  13. Processes and Threads in operating system